Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's a Milestone

Living the Surrendered Life has the honor of being our 25th SisterBlogger! She says, I am a 22 year old Catholic young woman from Bellmawr, NJ. I have been discerning with the Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Immaculata, Pa, and hope to soon whenever God wills enter the community.

Welcome FutureihmNJ and congratulations!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

They just keep a-comin'!

Well, we have yet another new SisterBlogger in our midst:

Please welcome osbnovice blogging at The Ear of Your Heart. I'm sure Sr. Steph will be delighted at this, our newest addition, seeing as how there's now another Benedictine among the ranks! (A thousand pardons if there are more OSB's in the ring that I'm forgetting just now!)

There's also another new blog waiting in the queue, and as soon as she puts the ring code in her sidebar she'll be in business too, so keep an eye out for yet another new SisterBlogger!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Welcome new ring member

Please welcome another new SisterBlogger, Pray.Seek.Live. She's only got one post so far, but I look forward to seeing what she has to say. I know for a fact that she is an interesting person with a wonderfully unique take on the world. Welcome, Ash! :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Welcome new SisterBloggers!

Our first new ring member has simply changed addresses. She's "Just trying to be God's Little Pen" (formerly known as the Mystical Postulant). La Peregrina is a Sister-to-be (one day). A wannabe theology student. An American sufferer of "reverse culture shock", not sure where she belongs anymore.

I'm sure there are those among us who can relate!

Next, we welcome a Franciscan Sister in the Salvation Army in Cornwall UK, Evening Beaches. "By the Bay" introduces herself as a sister in the Salvation Army and novice in a religious order. I absolutely love it! Also tons of other stuff like gardening, teaching special needs, music, art, aiming to learn how to vlog, etc. Lots of fun.

And last, but certainly not least, may I introduce Naisei Suru: Self-Introspection: Finding My Vocation and Living It, a blog by a twenty-something high school English teacher and anime fanatic who made a comeback to Catholic spirituality three years ago. Right now she is mulling over to continue her promise to God to enter the convent or the monastery. "Self Introspection is all about reflections, vocations and living up to a personal calling to serve Him. What people may find in this journal are my own musings over what God has in store for me...and what I can do to fulfill every bit of it." I cheated a bit and let this site into the ring even though the code isn't there (yet). She's been waiting in the queue for quite a while now, and she really belongs among us. The issue is that she's using a LiveJournal and we cannot figure out how to get the Ring code to show up in her sidebar. Anyone out there know more about LiveJournal than we do who might be able to help her get the code on her page? If so, surf on over her way and help her out; we'd all be much obliged!

I had intended on doing a roundup as well, but I've got other tasks (and my mother) calling my name, and now I'm off to email our 3 new ring members to let them know that they're finally official SisterBloggers. Let us welcome them!