Friday, December 15, 2006

Welcome new SisterBlogger!

Please join me in welcoming Sr. Sandy, CSJ, our newest SisterBlogger. A "religious cousin," of sorts, to our own Sr. Susan Rose, CSJP. Sr. Sandy is a member of the Baden, Penn. CSJ's.

She calls her blog NunSuch - the adventures of a techie nun. She's got several really engaging posts so far, and I look forward to getting to know her better through her writings. Read more about her at her about me page.

Welcome Sandy, and as always, thanks for your patience with our busy-ness as moderators! :)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Can it be???? A Sisterblogger roundup?

Miracles do happen. And as proof, I give you my first Sister Bloggers ring update from my room here in the Novitiate! My computer time is limited, so it will not be a complete update but it's a start!

Sr. Claire Joy discusses prayer requests.

Lisa & yours truly blogged about the 26th Anniversary of the death of the American Church women in El Salvador. (So did Julie but she's not a member of the ring, although she should be!)

Sr. Nicole celebrates the ordinary.

Sr. Lorraine is waiting.

Diana over at nunbytes is relaxing.

Sister Christer
explores the colors of Advent.

Natty has found her joy just in time for Advent!

Futureihm is in the middle of an Immaculate Conception Novena.

Contemplative Woman
contemplates what nuns are really about.

Sr. Steph contemplates the end/beginning of another (Church) year.

Whew! Lots going on in the sisterblogosphere.

I tag our newest moderator Sister Christer to do the next update at her leisure!!!

Advent Blessings to you all,
Sr. Susan (see my post to understand the emphasis)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Thank you for your patience!

Ok, dear Sisters (and wanna-be Sisters, and discerners, as well as the just plain curious who lurk about...), I've finally had a chance to get down to the ground floor where there's wireless internet access. It's a blustery Friday night, and the wind and icy snow are whipping and whirling outside here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. What a better time to get all curled up on a comfy couch with the heat from my laptop and introduce our two newest ring members:

Nun Bytes is the alter ego of Sr. Diana Seago, OSB, a Benedictine from Mount St. Scholastica in Atchinson, Kansas. With an eye for design and a penchant for computers and networking, I'm sure Sr. Diana will be a welcome addition to the ring!

In the Footsteps of Mary
is the blog of "an orthodox 15 year old Catholic who is discerning a vocation to the religious life." I seem to remember an email from her saying that she was having trouble getting the ring code added to her blog. I've gone ahead and added her, and will try to work with her to get the code put on in the coming days.

A thousand apologies for how long it's taken me to get to this. I recently moved in with my own Groovy Sisters (I'm still a "pre-candidate," but I'm that much closer to hopefully entering, and am feeling quite at home among "my nuns" once again!). I also started a new job just over a month ago that's been a bit challenging these past few weeks.

Sister Christer has kindly volunteered to lend a hand with the ring, and while I haven't yet "spoken" about this yet with our foundress, Sr. Susan Rose, I'm guessing that she, busy Novice that she currently is, will have no objections. So welcome aboard to our newest members and our newest co-moderator!

It's good to be back online myself!