Friday, October 07, 2005

welcome to the group

I've added two new folks to the web ring (Sister Mary Alternative & sexy innocent child woman) - links to the right.


Sister Mary Alternative expands our horizons to the Episcopal world.

I also wanted to be clear that all sisters/wanna be sisters are welcome here - those called to apostolic life and those called to a more contemplative life. Those who find themselves in the more "traditional" camp and those in the more "progressive" camp.

It's a big church, but we all have one thing in common ... being women in that church.

Also, if you know other sisters/wanna-be-sisters/sisters-in-training who you think might want to join the ring, send them our way.... The more the merrier!

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Cathy said...

This sounds very interesting to me - I am an Episcopal lay woman, member of Daughters of the King, and blog on our church blog, and a couple of my own. Found you through Revmommy's blog.