Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Moderator(s)

Hey all, I have agreed to do some moderating (with Natty) and do some updating to the Sister Bloggers ring since Susan Rose has a lot on her plate. You all prolly already know me from my blog, Compelled By Love. I would just like to say I am open to any suggestions if you may have them.

Thanks and May God bless us all! ~Lauren


Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Thanks guys! I have a habit of coming up with a great idea (like this ring), getting it up and running, and then not having time to devote to it.

The story of my life. Perhaps part of my calling is to get things started, but part of what I need to learn is how to let things go so that others can help them grow and prosper.

Thinking of it that way, you guys are helping me in my discernment process!

Peace Out,

AveMaria1 said...

Sure no prob Susan.

Sixtina87 said...

k??? i now kinda feel left out of that entry!!!! I'm also helping out too!!!! yeah!!!

蔥爆牛肉Frank said...