Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Okay ladies,

After doing a nice long roundup, many haven't updated which makes less for me to read...LOL ~ just kidding!!!! We have many different things going around in the ring this week! Like some fun questionnaires, great Lenten reads, reflections and people venting things out through their blogs.

So who is doing what???

Sr. Julia tells us about this good book called Bread and Wine, which she reads every year for Lent. So if you need something to read, just ask Sister!!!!

Lauren wrote a nice reflection on her idol, Thomas Merton, with a nice drawing of him as well.

Cathy had a wonderful questionnaire that I think everyone in the ring should post and answer. "DO YOU WEAR A CROSS?" Not to get into my life, but I was explaining the importance of wearing a crucifix to my CCD class last night. They were shocked that I wear my cross 24-7!

Natty has a questionnaire that she stole from Seeking something. So I guess everyone should also do this one since we are all out of high school (to bring back those wonderful memories)!!!!

Susan rose is venting out her frustrations through her blog which to me seemed interesting but....then again...its up to you after you are done reading it! However, Susan isnt the only one frustrated with things, Sr. Mary Alternative is having a hard time from keeping herself from yelling at her students. Dont worry, I know how you feel, my CCD kids dont listen either!!!!

Thats it for those who updated. As for me, I'm leaving next thursday to visit the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word. So when I get back I will have day by day jounral entries for you all to read.

Have a WONDERFUL Lent!!!


Susan Rose, CSJP said...

great job on the roundup!

Next week I think it's my turn!

AveMaria1 said...

Yes...Thomas Merton is my idol...

Do you mind if I fix your typos, since it is a pet peeve of mine? Sorry, not to be overly compulsive or anything...

AveMaria1 said...


Sixtina87 said...

hey i did notice a few typos and did fix them butr i wasnt sure how to spell a few words so give me a break...i think it was one of the words that was alittle out of my vocabulary!!!! LOL!!!

susan it is your turn!!! maybe at the end of each round up post who is doing it next that way that person can remember!!!

Sixtina87 said...

where are my dots???

蔥爆牛肉Frank said...