Thursday, May 18, 2006

a partial circle 'round the ring

A quick (incomplete) trip around the ring shows that interesting things are afoot at the circle sisterbloggers!

Not to toot my own horn, but then again why not? I got a call from our Congregation Leader today. Sr. Sheila didn’t want me to have to wait till I got the letter in the mail to know that I’ve been accepted to the Novitiate!!!!!

Natty is becoming a pre-candidate with her groovy sisters!

Steph is failing to learn one of life’s lessons … again!

Sister Christer’s furry friend is turning up in interesting places!

And the Da Vinci Code is the topic of the day at nunblog and compelled by love.

That’ll have to do for now … I’m too excited about my news to do a complete roundup.

Peace, Joy & Sisterblogger Friendship to you all!!


Anne said...

Hi everyone! I'm trying to get a site launched was an idea of one of the Sisters of Notre Dame that I'm discerning with.

It includes a message board and a chat room and its aim is to put WOMEN who might be discerning a call to Religious life as a Sister in touch with other women who might be asking the same questions.

The group is in its infancy right now, but I hope that if we get some more members, we'll be able to have a great group that really can help.

I know that it can sometimes be hard for women who are feeling a call to religious life or who might just be curious to be able to network with each other, and I hope that this group may be of some help.

If you join, please post a little about yourself and what you'd like to see from the group.


FutureihmNJ said...

just wanted to say hello....God bless