Monday, September 11, 2006

Welcoming a new Ring Member

Please join me in welcoming Sister Nicole to the SisterBloggers web ring! Her blog is titled The Life of a New Sister. I believe she is currently in San Antonio Texas. She writes:

Here I am, having recently become a novice with the Daugthers of Mary Immaculate (more commonly known as the Marianist Sisters), and life has become a little different... exteriorly, actually, a lot different... interiorly, God's still working. :)

Go on over and read her first posts, and remember to give Sr. Nicole a big warm SisterBloggers welcome!!

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by the bay said...

Hello all, just a note to say I am into the third week of a 1000 hr prayer vigil for church health issues/conflict transformation work and so on, throughout all our church denominations.

I am fasting when able, but have health problems at the moment. I have the blessing of my church at national level for the vigil, and it is happening just quietly in my own home, or wherever people accompany me where they are. I am asking it be done in a quiet and private way. There is a place for speaking out about the angry and confrontational behaviour that happens in some church conflicts, but I don't feel this vigil should be the place for it.

If anyone would like to join in, email me for a 25hr candle (or let me know what you are doing), and may God pour out his grace and mercy on the church as we deal with difficult issues, and sometimes longstanding and divisive tensions.

Warmest blessings, Eleanor n/TSSF Penzance