Monday, December 04, 2006

Can it be???? A Sisterblogger roundup?

Miracles do happen. And as proof, I give you my first Sister Bloggers ring update from my room here in the Novitiate! My computer time is limited, so it will not be a complete update but it's a start!

Sr. Claire Joy discusses prayer requests.

Lisa & yours truly blogged about the 26th Anniversary of the death of the American Church women in El Salvador. (So did Julie but she's not a member of the ring, although she should be!)

Sr. Nicole celebrates the ordinary.

Sr. Lorraine is waiting.

Diana over at nunbytes is relaxing.

Sister Christer
explores the colors of Advent.

Natty has found her joy just in time for Advent!

Futureihm is in the middle of an Immaculate Conception Novena.

Contemplative Woman
contemplates what nuns are really about.

Sr. Steph contemplates the end/beginning of another (Church) year.

Whew! Lots going on in the sisterblogosphere.

I tag our newest moderator Sister Christer to do the next update at her leisure!!!

Advent Blessings to you all,
Sr. Susan (see my post to understand the emphasis)


Sandy said...

I just stumbled on this blogring - it's a great idea - "one-stop shopping" for anyone looking for sisters who blog. I'll have to figure out how to join it. I just started my own yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Contemplative Woman is not the title of my BLOG. It is Monastic Musings and that is what appears in the alphabetical list of Sister Bloggers links. This can be confusing. Thanks for mentioning my post.

Anonymous said...

I am writing from BBC Radio and we were interested in this idea of a network of nuns blogging across the world - We are looking for 3 nuns from different countries with different experiences and I wondered if you could suggest any?
My name is Nicola Fell - I can be reached by email: or on 00 44 7930 333 904
Look forward to hearing from you

Christine said...

I'm definitely going to be doing an update... wednesday. I'm packing for my travels to North Carolina tomorrow. So, watch out for new info on Wednesday. Blessings all.

Christine said...

Oh, and I contacted Nicola from the BBC. If you are interested in talking with her, please let me know (or her for that matter.) C.