Monday, April 30, 2007

A long-awaited welcome...

I get so many spam accounts trying to add themselves to the ring that I nearly lost a couple of real live ones in the shuffle! Please give a long-overdue welcome to:

My Journey: A glimpse into the journey that is my life.
Kelly writes from Pennsylvania about her journey of discernment. Please welcome her!

We also have one other new blog waiting in the queue. Once they add the SisterBloggers ring code to their site, I'll get them officially added here as well.

Another bit of housekeeping. The following blogs who used to be official ring members are in the queue for a lack of ring-code on their blogs. If you know these people, could you have them contact me about getting the ring code put back on their blogs if they still want to belong to the SisterBloggers web ring? Otherwise, I will be deleting them outright in a week or two (i.e. the next time I get around to doing Ring housecleaning--which could very well turn into a month or more given my history here!) If you see your blog here: we want you back! Please check your blog to make sure you have the code and let me know that/when you do. Thanks!

Finally, my own blog address has changed. I retired my old site (wheretonowgod), and the URL has already been claimed by someone else! Please update any links to: I got the word last week that I have been accepted to enter with my very own Groovy Sisters in August! (different ones from Sr. Suan Rose, CSJP's original Groovy Sisters) I've officially made the switch and swapped out this new site for the old one in the ring.

Onward and upward, dear Sisters and Sisters-to-be!


Steph said...

Has anyone e-mailed or commented to these folks about the code? They might not realize that it's disappeared and that they're about to be booted!

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Thanks for recognizing my original groovy sisters!!! :)

And thanks for the (thankless) task of moderating the ring.

Anonymous said...

I re-sent the ring code (via RingSurf) to all those mentioned last night. Nicole ( should be coming back into the ring soon, as she contacted me via email with a question about it.

But that's a good idea: Steph? Do you have a few minutes to drop the rest of them a comment?

Diana said...


Sorry for my late reply. Just read this post now. I'm in the ring but I can't figure out how to post the ring code in my Wordpress blog. Speaking of which, I just had some problems with my blog--some important files for the template got deleted...ack!

Take care!