Friday, November 23, 2007

Meet our newest Sister Bloggers!

My sincerest apologies that it has taken me so long to get to this... the following new SisterBloggers have been waiting patiently in the queue for at least a couple of weeks now. Thanks so much for your patience with me as well as your kind and gentle inquiries which have finally prodded me to get me on the ball and get you added to the ring. Welcome!

Notes from Stillsong Hermitage, a diocesan hermitage in Oakland, CA, the Camaldolese Benedictine tradition. The author, Sister Laurel M. O'Neal, describes "Stillsong" thusly: "The name reflects the essential joy and wholeness that comes from a Christ-centered life of silence and solitude, but also points to the fact that contemplative life--even that of the hermit--spills over into witness and proclamation. At the heart of the Church, in the stillness and joy of God's dynamic peace, resonates the song which IS the hermit." This is a rich and fascinating site, and Sr. Laurel, too, seems to be an intensely interesting soul!

Peace (or Pax) Place is described as "a place of peace. a place for peace. a place for peacemakers and peacekeepers to converse," written by Greenhawke, an oblate with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie who strives always to live more peaceably.

Seeking Sophie, a.k.a. Sophie's Daughter, describes herself as a 20-something (closer to 30, but I will say "20-something" for as long as I can!) professional woman, searching for the right path in life! She is considering religious life in the Society of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ).


Sister Laurel M. O'Neal, erem. said...

Wow! What a terrific welcome and introduction! Thanks! I hope to get to meet you all in time.

Meanwhile, best regards!
Sister Laurel O'Neal, erem.

Sophie's Daughter said...

Thanks so much for the lovely welcome! I look forward to being part of this community.

Many Blessings,

seeking_something said...

The family is growing! I would suggest grouping into subgroups like maybe "perpetually professed," "on the way," and "waiting in the wings" or however you see fit.

Lisa said...

It's been a while since I have made the complete rounds through the SisterBloggers ring, but today I am going to take the time to do so.

To each and everyone, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Blessed 2008! Thank you for sharing your spiritual journeys with us in the blogosphere.