Friday, October 21, 2005

And then there were 12

12 Sisters (or sisters to be or friends of sisters) are now part of the ring!

Welcome to

Religious Life
Seeking Something
Cathy Knits

In response to a comment to the last post, no one does not need to be a professed sister to join the ring. But one should want to join the conversation of women in the church. Some of us are discerning vocations. Others might be lay associates of religious orders.

The more the merrier! We're less than a month old and we're already 12. That's pretty exciting I think.

Blessings on everyone's journeys.
Susan Rose


Sixtina87 said...

lol yeah it is!!!!! great job and hopefully we can get moreto join soon!!!!

seeking_something said...

hmm...Susan Rose, I just noticed your post in "Giving Voice" ... makes sense you'd be there

I'm kinda all over this ring because I'm still trying to straighten out in my head who's who, under what name, which blog, who's still discerning and who's already in a community and who are professed. It's still a blur. I'm probably messing up everyone's tracking because I come and go alot out of sheer confusion. :)

the tentmaker said...

I wonder if you would allow me to lurk here, reading and ocassionaly responding. Please feel free to check me out:

the tentmaker

AveMaria1 said...

I attempted to link my blog on here, but it says I have already done so each and every time I try to sign up. Any suggestions??