Sunday, November 20, 2005

more sister bloggers

I've added Sr. Bernadette in Rome to the list to the right.

If you've tried to join the web ring but haven't been approved, you need to add the webring code to your site before you're added in ringsurf. I've emailed the ring code to those waiting in the queue.

So far we're at 13 members, with two waiting (Compelled by Love and Flavor of the Month). Once they've got the ring code and are on the ringsurf list, I'll add them here.

I love the wide variety of Sister Bloggers who've joined the ring so far. We, all of us, make up the wondrous being that is the Church. And how great that we can connect in the blogosphere!

Very cool.


Claire Joy said...

I've emailed you three times for info on how to paste that ringblog stuff to my sidebar (have tried, and it won't show up... I'm doing something wrong.) but the emails keep bouncing back as undeliverable. Guess I can't be a member just now. Maybe later…

AveMaria1 said...

I am having the same problem

Jeff Pioquinto,SJ said...

just blog surfing. the sisters are come in first for the blog world. nice one.

Lisa said...

I have added the code to my page but not been linked yet. Is there something else I need to do?