Thursday, December 01, 2005

trip around the ring

We've got 15 sisterbloggers in the ring. I've added a 16th to the list on the right (compelled by love) who is still working on getting the ring code on her blog. But as I was updating the template figured I'd go ahead and add her.

Thought I'd take us on a quick random trip around the ring, borrowing an idea from the revgalblogpals. I don't think I'll have time to do this often, but if anyone was interested in doing periodic updates I could add you as a contributor to this blog.

Ann is visiting with vocation directors and exploring communities

Sr. Clare Joy is celebrating the Feast of St Andrew. So is Sr. Marianne.

Laurentina's got an interesting combo of Jesus & Merton. Speaking of Merton, check out seeking something while your'e at it.

Natty's got some pictures up of some groovy-type sisters at the SOA protest - including Nancy Murray, actor Bill Murray's sister who is a Dominican Sister.

Sr. Ann's got a big concert tonight!

Lisa remembers Dorothy Day. And I remember my mom.


Lisa said...

Glad to officially be one of the ring! :)

AveMaria1 said...

Thanks for adding me and let me know if you need some help with this ring. Lauren

Cathy said...

I really like the "trips around the ring" -- it helps us get to know who is thinking/saying/doing what. RevGalPals does the same thing.