Saturday, February 10, 2007

A bit of housecleaning [Updated 3/9]

As I was adding our newest ring member...

A NEW and DIFFERENT Monastic Musings...
Sr. Edith, OSB writes from Duluth, Minnesota and is a Benedictine of St Scholastica Monastery and a sociologist. Her blog looks quite picturesque and interesting... check it out y'all!

I noticed a great many of our member sites do not have the SisterBloggers Ring Code on them. I am not sure if this is something that was lost when y'all converted from the Old Blogger to the New Blogger, but there were about a dozen sites that either no longer exist, or do not contain the ring code.

I have moved the following sites out of active membership and removed their links from the sidebar of this page. If there has been some mistake, never fear, you can easily have your status restored. Simply re-add the webring code to the sidebar of your MAIN BLOG page, then leave a comment to this post, and I'll get ya re-added.

No code

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  • sexy, innocent child-woman [Updated URL; no code]

  • 404 error (entire site is MIA)

  • God's Little Pen
  • Pray.Seek.Live

  • This is also a time to let us know if your blog has moved to a new home. I'm not worrying about long-time inactive blogs just now (there seem to be at least a couple of those), but I'm going to ask that everyone who wants to be a ring member to get that code on your blogs and let me know so I can reinstate you.


    Cathy said...

    Can you please send me the web ring code? I will place it on my blog.

    Anonymous said...

    Done. Let me know if you didn't get it... Nat

    Lisa said...

    Natty, just an fyi, the two "Monastic Musings" are not one in the same, they are two different bloggers so we need them both. :)

    Lisa said...

    Natty, one more update: the third blog listed under MIA is now at

    Anonymous said...

    Lisa, thanks for Soul_Seeker's new URL. I knew she mentioned something once, but couldn't find it.

    And I realize that there are/were TWO "Monastic Musings." The "original" one didn't have the ring code, and so has been moved back to the provisional queue pending that addition. And when I was checking the site, I noticed that the blog itself had a different title, hence the "a.k.a."

    I haven't made any further adjustments yet: hopefully later this week or into the weekend. I noticed one or two more in the sidebar list that don't have the code either, so there may be a couple more on the list above before it's all said and done.

    Cathy said...

    I now have the webring code up!

    Anonymous said...

    Ok, Cathy's been added back in. I fixed Soul_Seekers URL, but she still doesn't have the code on that blog.

    Diana said...

    How do I get the web ring code again? Sorry, I still can't get the hang of my new blog. -Diane a.k.a. Soul-Seeker

    Sr. Lorraine said...

    Hi Natty,

    I put the code on my blog now.
    Thanks for adding me back!

    Claire Joy said...

    Yes, I think I lost the ring code when I switched to new blogger. Thanks for the reminder. Mine now has the code again.