Friday, March 09, 2007

Welcome new Ring Member!

A warm welcome to our newest ring member, Sarah, blogging at The Nun Thing. An introduction in her words: Ah, the 'nun thing'... it's such a benign sounding phrase. I'm joining the nuns. Well, maybe... unless I change my mind. unless I realise I really did lose my mind. unless the nuns won't have me. unless it starts to feel less 'right'. unless I realise I can't. So, this is my journey. My blessed, madening, daggy, odd, sacred, loved and bizarre journey.

Belated condolences to one of our co-mods, Sister Christer on the passing of her mother. We hold you and your family in our hearts.

Go welcome Sarah, give Sister Christer a cyber-hug (or a real one, if you know her IRL) and see the previous post for the blogs that are still missing the ring code or are MIA. The MIA's will likely be removed from the ring soon unless I hear differently. But never fear, at the rate that I do updates on the ring, that could be next month! ;)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Thanks for the welcome Natty. I've been enjoying getting my thoughts out of my head through the power of blogging and I hope (but am not really confident) that there's something interesting in it for others too!
Love and peace to you all but especially to Sister Christer at this difficult time.