Friday, August 24, 2007

New Member Welcome

Dear Sisters (and Sisters-to-be,... and wanna-be Sisters, and even those of you who don't yet know if you even wanna be a Sister!...), we have a new ring member. Please join me in welcoming Ashley Lyn. She's Waiting on the Honeybee:

God is like a honeybee, He doesn't mind me calling Him that; for when you are kind - sweet - He nears, and can draw you into himself. - St. Francis of Assisi
What a great quote! As for Ashley, it would seem she's busy as a honeybee herself:
I've got...a new apartment, a lunchbox to buy, books to read, a vocation to explore, kitties and family to visit, letters to write, grad school to contend with, a lab to work in, concerts to attend, a minimalist to be, a city to explore, dancing to do, a life to find...
Like so many of us, you have a lot on your plate there, Ash! Welcome!! This seems to be a brand speakin' new blog, as there aren't yet any posts, but there are a few interesting links in her sidebar. And so we look forward to hearing from our new little busy bee!

In the queue:
We also have 3 new blogs (totalling 2 prospective new members, if I'm understanding it correctly) in the queue.
I've emailed them to let them know that they need to put the Ring code somewhere on their blog before I can "activate" them, but if you know any of these bloggers, feel free to swing on by and pre-welcome them. Perhaps you can even offer your assistance to get them squared away with that peskey "ring code" requirement? If either of you are reading this, do email me if you have any questions, and especially once you get the code put on your blogs. I'll be more than happy to activate you and make you official SisterBloggers!

In the meantime, sisters (notice the small "s"--this means YOU too!), peace to all!