Thursday, August 30, 2007

She's official!

Please welcome Sr. Susan Doubet, OSB, and her blog Light Through Stained-Glass Windows:
This journal is simply meant to share some of the daily goings-on at Mount Saint Benedict Monastery, Erie, PA. Things that occur in the daily and, in their simple "dailiness," truly do make it holy. I hope you enjoy them.
She posts on Mondays and Thursdays. I don't think I cold be that a) disciplined or b) restrained!

Please join me in welcoming SisterBlogger number thirty-one!


Sister_Katy said...

Yo, Sista bloggers...

I'd like to be on your nun ring too...I know many of you have commented on my blog. It's "Religious Life Rocks...Adventures of One Fun Nun" do I join up?

Sister Katy--aka One Fun Nun

Anonymous said...

Hi Sr. Katy! Thanks for your inquiry. Since I can't find an email address to respond to you, I'll just post my answer here and hope you come back to see it!

To join our humble web ring, simply click on the "Join" link in the SisterBloggers web ring code (or just go here:;action=addform). Once you've registered at WebRing, the system sends me (or one of the co-moderators) a message saying you've joined. You will need to copy the HTML ring code and put it somewhere on your main blog page (like the sidebar), then I will check for the presence of that code. Once it's there, I'll "flip the switch" to activate you and we'll link to your blog in our own sidebar. Finally, you'll get your very own welcome message here on the ring's main page! Easy-peasy, right?! :)

I am so happy you're interested in joining the ring, and I hope you will add BOTH of your blogs, as I think a great many people would also be interested in your Nunspeak one as well as your "One Fun Nun" main blog.

Anonymous said...


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