Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My first round-up!

Well, I've been plugging away at this, my very first round-up, for a couple of days now, so I think it's time to just post what I've got so far...

Many of us are speaking of Lent:

Cathy's got a really neat idea for her Lenten journey, 40 miles in 40 days. What a cool idea!

Sr. Marianne Lorraine has posted a cute Lenten poem that'll be running through your head for hours after you read it! I say we should all make up our own verses to add on to it!

Sister Christer posts the first in a neat 3-part series on giving lent.

Sr. Julia tells us about her favorite Lent book... though it seems like she had a hard time narrowing it down to just one!

Sr. Claire Joy has posted a couple of neat pictures on the event of Ash Wednesday.

Lisa asks, "What is your guiding question this Lent?" Good question... It seems I'm always a Lenten-day-late-and-a-penance-short... *sigh*

Sr. Steph shares some "Ash Wednesday Scriptural Scribblings."

Sr. Ann talks about her holiday socks (yes, she's even got an "Ash Wednesday" pair!) the proceeds to tell us that there's Dirt on Your Face!

And finally, Lauren has posted some nunly pictures from her time at the Here I Am Lord Conference in St. Charles, IL and our busy foundress, Susan Rose, (*wink*) is on retreat until this weekend.

We may have yet another new ring member too--once her site quits giving me a 404 error!

If I've missed you or you'd like to point us in your direction (this was not an exhaustive round-up--it's been an exhausting week!) please leave a comment. Happy weekend, and for some of you, happy Spring Break already!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Member and New Round Up!

Hello All!

I cannot believe it's almost March already! I would like to welcome Amandita from Maryland! She is our newest edition to Sister Bloggers and her blog is titled: The Mystical Postulant.
Check it out and see what she is up to!

In other news...

Sr. Julia is hanging out in New Orleans and is raving about the Holy Father's Encyclical which can be purchased through the Daughters of St. Paul website! Whooo hoooo, it is finally available off line and in print! Get your copy, click here to order the Holy Father's Encyclical, Deus Caritas Est! I highly recommed reading it, it is fantabulous!

Cathy is still busy knitting, but has just so excited to welcome her friends newest edition, Sophia Elizabeth, to the world as well! Sixtina also has some good friends who are welcoming a new bundle of joy! Congrats..!! Sixtina will be going to visit The Sister Servants in Alabama for a discernment retreat in March, please keep her in your prayers as she embarks on this faith-filled journey!

Sr. Claire Joy went to go see Brokeback Mountain and Sr. Steph is busy with parent teacher conferences. I remember those....tee hee

Sr. Marianne Lorraine is reflecting upon sin and preparing for Lent, Lisa is also quite reflective.

Diana is also busy teaching as well and misses the Phillipines (don't be homesick, we love you). She is also keeping the victims of the Landslide in her prayers (we are here as well Diana).

On another note, Sr. Bernadette is still in Rome studying..she was able to watch the opening of the Olympics and we hope to hear from her soon. She is currently incognito eating homemade spaghetti at an unknown location in Italy or busy learning something about the founders of her community. We miss you!

Speaking of the Daughters of St. Paul, Sr. Anne always has something interesting to say on her blog! I think it's great we have such a great Pauline presence! ;)

Natty is hanging out with her Beagles and got a "Minnie Mouse".

Sr. Mary Alternative is on a "blogger fast".

Sr. Christer is talking about her shooting accident. I wonder if it involved a Daisy Brand Red Ryder BB rifle...??...or if she shot her eye out? You'll have to read and find out kids...

Susan has asked Natty, Sixtina and myself to update the site with monthly roundups, so here I am...and here is the roundup. If anyone is interested in joining the ring, send me a message or email me through my blog and I will be glad to add you. If anyone needs the ring code to add to their blog, contact me for that as well.

Hope all is well and everyone has a Blessed Lent. May you find the risen Christ in all you seek and do! Talk to you all after Easter (or around therebouts). + Lauren+

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Moderator(s)

Hey all, I have agreed to do some moderating (with Natty) and do some updating to the Sister Bloggers ring since Susan Rose has a lot on her plate. You all prolly already know me from my blog, Compelled By Love. I would just like to say I am open to any suggestions if you may have them.

Thanks and May God bless us all! ~Lauren

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

new members .... new moderator?

Hi all. We've got two new members.

Best Catholic Blogs

You'll notice it's been ages since I've last posted a round up.

I must admit I don't really have time to manage a web ring, even one this small.

Anyone interested in taking over????

Drop a comment if so.