Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's a round-up!

Sr. Lorraine is thinking there's something more about Mary: taking time to answer comments and explore Marian theology.

Sr. Julia offers some best Catholic books for the new year.

Cathy has moved over to typepad for a test drive. She's reporting on the shenanigans of her small charges. I especially loved the escape artist story!

Our redemptorist sister is pondering the Epiphany and encouraging us all:
Do not rest until you have found your Beloved, the God of your heart.
Evening Beaches is exploring the nature of the vows she has taken. Careful there's some mud over there... :-)

Ah, Sr. Claire Joy, I think that anger virus is certainly out there. So glad you were able to sleep it off.

Lisa is sending prayers and blessings and asking for the same for communities she treasures. And it looks like whatever city fits her best is a warm one!

FutureIHMNJ is contemplating St. Faustina in her own words.

Susan Rose requests action on the Iraq situation, shares the amazing life span of a treasured friend and informs us of national de-lurking week! I'll be right over to comment, Susan.

Sr. Steph hasn't joined us yet in 2007. I'm sure she will soon, though.

Sr. Diane is still celebrating....

Sr. Anne is in Boston at the provincial chapter of her community. Keeping them in my prayers... won't you too?

Our techie nun is asking us to listen. What a concept!

Ashley has moved to the house of formation and is deeply saddened to learn the truth about her hero, Sr. Mary Martha. Oh, and it's a sad, sad truth.

And here's a miracle! Seeking Something links to a ministry begun by a friend of mine of whom I had lost track. How providential! She also shares an invitation to a discernment weekend.

Jen is breaking into the new year slowly.

Sarah shares her reflections on the new year and peace... the finding of it by letting it go.

Sr. Nicole shares a moving reflection on the founder of her order, Adele de Batz de Trenquelleon.

Anne has moved in with the sisters. We await the news, breathlessly! Prayers for the transition, Anne.

Natty, who celebrated a birthday last week (Happy Belated, Nat!) has also transitioned to a new living in community as well. Two and a half Nuns, indeed!

Naisei Suru ponders reasoning and the ability to use it.

Sister Christer is pondering how long it takes to do a round up and how impressive the group of sisters here is. What a treat to be able to visit you all! Thank you.

Also wondering what's happened to our friends at:

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Some time this week, I'm telling you...

Good evening! I'm planning to do a round up this week sometime. I really am planning to! I think by writing it here, I'll be able to hold myself more accountable to y'all. So, let's see how that works. Be visiting all soon. Blessings, Christine