Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter Week Roundup

Easter Blessings and greetings to all in the blogosphere who happen upon this gateway to Sister Blogger Land. This week you can read about many things on our blogs, including the following highlights:

Ann seems to be hooked on going to mass!

Lauren has taken a leap to the private sector and tells us six random things.

Sr Anne, Sr Clare Joy, and Lisa are also playing the six random things meme.
(I just realized Lisa tagged me so I'll work on that later tonight! Others of you were tagged too so you should check!)

Steph has discovered a new Gospel!

Nicole uses her new picture blog to tell us about the Veneration of the Cross.

Sr. Bernadette tells us where she's been.

I relive my childhood game of pawing through my mother's jewelry box to find super hero accessories.

And last but not least … Natty applies her higher education to office supply management.

Peace & Easter Joy to you all!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Blogging Easter

Whats going on this Easter with ur wonderful Sisterbloggers? well, lets see who is doing what.

Anne, talks about the sirens and the bad weather that she has been having. Which my area is under some warnings at this moment. Anne also talks about a movie called Rwanda which is about true events that went on in Africa with the genocides. Its a very good movie and I do recommend it as a future movie night watch.

Cathy shows us a baptismal blanket that her and some friends have been working on. Great job!! Sister Claire Joy just wanted to sleep in on this wonderful Easter Sunday and evidently had forgotten what day it was or maybe she was just too far asleep....not sure, you might want to see for yourself!! Susan Rose had some wonderful Easter thoughts! Sister Ann shows us some pretty interesting things that her fellow Sisters have done, from baking to decorating, and something that Sister Ann made herself.....pretty interesting if you ask me!!!

That seems to be about everyone. Just a minor note to everyone inlcuding Lauren. I had to delete my blog Religious Life but re-opened it with a small entry. I was kinda asked to Close down all my blogs. I love bloggin but the Sisters felt I was giving too much information. So I started a new blog called Picture Perfect. Pictures are posted instead of words. So I hope you like this one too!!!

God Bless and Have a Wonderful DAY!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mea Culpa

Sorry I didn't get a round-up done for this past week. I meant to, I really did. And Nicole even reminded me it was my week. But life got in the way this week.

And so if it's slow at work tomorrow, I'll see what I can pull together. Otherwise, y'all just have to do a random round-about-the-ring for yourselves. How about posting a comment about the most interesting post from the last week you found on one of the other SisterBloggers' Sites?

Yeah, that's called delegating all right! ;-)