Tuesday, January 12, 2010

in the last twelve months...

Hello dear friends and people I don't know. I'd like to start with a blanket apology for my lack of contribution to SisterBloggers... I really haven't lived up to the title of "contributor" at all!!
Since shutting down my personal blog (the nun thing) I haven't been around the blogosphere much although I am mindful of my friends ands sisters here and hold you in prayer from time to time.

I just thought I'd give a brief update on my life over the last year and invite you to do the same.

As you can see it's been close to a year since we've heard from anyone and I know I'd like a little update from whoever is out there and feels inclined. It doesn't have to be long or detailed, just the view from where you're at now.

In the last twelve months I've been living a much more geographically settled life as a novice sister. After six months of permanent transitition I landed in the Blue Mountains (west of Sydney) for a solid year of novitiate study and life. It's an incredibly beautiful place with plenty of bushwalks and stunning scenery around which I've loved exploring. Personally though the biggest gift of the year has been a deepening relationship with God and a more persoanl relationship with Jesus. That's been a challenging and at times painful journey but one of incredible gace and privelege.

My favourite realisation about God and me this year has been coming to the strong sense that

God wants to be for me what Spring is for a cherry tree

(which is apparently a thought of the Sufi mystic Rumi, though I haven't been able to find the quote!)

Friday, January 23, 2009

End of January Round Up

It's almost the end of January. What's going on in Sister Blogger Land?

A Nun's Life has great explanations of the differences between extern sisters, lay sisters and choir sisters.

Baya Thread shares a beautiful prayer for life.

Sister Sisters are the topic of the day at the Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt Blog.

They're baking bread at the Monastery of St Gertrude.

OP Preach is celebrating the arrival of two candidates - a "Set".

Learn about the unique 83 year old Sister who got phone calls from Bono at The Life of a New Sister.

If I missed your blog and you'd like to tell us what's going on in your neck of the woods, feel free to use the comment box below!

Friday, January 09, 2009

It's a new year in Sister Blogger land ...

As the title of the post says, it's a new year in Sister Blogger Land. And I hope, in 2009, to actually update this page more than once in a blue moon! So, I give you my very belated Sister Blogger Roundup!

This is where I visit a random selection of our member blogs and give you a 2 second version of what's going on so you're inspired to visit them!

A Nun's Life is discussing the movie Doubt, with special guest stars, the Sisters of Charity!

Colwich Novitiate blog has had a change of personnel.

Light through Stained Glass Windows shares links to a variety of benedictine publications.

Monastics on a Journey is on an Elvis kick.

Seeking Sophie is looking forward to 2009 and hoping one highlight is her acceptance to the community! (February will be here before you know it!!!)

Ok, so that's not a complete round up, but it's a start!!!

Susan Rose, CSJP

Welcome new members

First of all, I owe a HUGE apology to the bloggers I am about to mention, because it has taken me 3-6 months to activate your membership in Sister Bloggers. My only excuse is that I was busy finishing the Novitiate, making my first profession of vows and beginning active ministry, all the while trying to keep my own blog up to date. Moderator responsibilities have been on the back burner, but I hope during the new year to do a better job!

Now, on to business! Please welcome and visit our newest Sister Blogger members:

Sunday, July 06, 2008

SisterBlogger Summer

It's summer .... what are the SisterBloggers (and discerningtobeSisterBloggers) up to??

Failte celebrated with some Sisters and is praying for patients on her discernment journey.

Baya Clare, CSJ is humming along and checking out beautiful scenery!

Susan, OSB shares her 4th of July thoughts

Edith, OSB wonders where all the buttons (and common fashion sense) have gone!

Vicky, OSB celebrates the day their first sisters arrived in 1852 (on July 4 no less!)

Susan, CSJP (yes that's me, but I also had to break the OSB theme!) was just accepted to profess first vows in October.

Sr. Anne is having a face-off with Facebook.

Sophie's Daughter is energized!

Sister Christer is preparing for a new ministry in the fall.

Sister Nicole
is making up for lost time after her vows celebrations.

Happy Summer!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome Sr. Julie

My friend Sister Julie (who I've never met in person but MUST meet some day!) has joined our Sister Blogger club. Her blog is A Nun's Life ... it's awesome.

Welcome Julie!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This Week In Sister Blogger Land

Yes .... it's a roundup. Hope I didn't shock you with this infrequent event!!!

This week in Sister Blogger Land ...

Ann is working on going to mass more often - and going to bed earlier so she's up early enough!

Newest SisterBlogger Failte had a run in with a bat. Eeek!

Contemplative woman is musing about the horarium and a dear friend of the monastery who has passed away. (Fr. George was also one of my teachers during my intercommunity novitiate program - he will be missed!)

Sister Vicki and her community are holding a vigil with one of their sisters who is on her final journey.

Susan at Musings of a Discerning Woman (hey that's me!) just sent her letter requesting to profess temporary vows.

Sr. Anne shares a bit about St. Barnabas.

Sandy is pondering the millennial generation.

Sarah is getting into the groove of novitiate.

And Nicole is on retreat preparing for vows!!!

Lot's happening in SisterBlogger land - that's for sure!