Sunday, July 06, 2008

SisterBlogger Summer

It's summer .... what are the SisterBloggers (and discerningtobeSisterBloggers) up to??

Failte celebrated with some Sisters and is praying for patients on her discernment journey.

Baya Clare, CSJ is humming along and checking out beautiful scenery!

Susan, OSB shares her 4th of July thoughts

Edith, OSB wonders where all the buttons (and common fashion sense) have gone!

Vicky, OSB celebrates the day their first sisters arrived in 1852 (on July 4 no less!)

Susan, CSJP (yes that's me, but I also had to break the OSB theme!) was just accepted to profess first vows in October.

Sr. Anne is having a face-off with Facebook.

Sophie's Daughter is energized!

Sister Christer is preparing for a new ministry in the fall.

Sister Nicole
is making up for lost time after her vows celebrations.

Happy Summer!