Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

Hey all, I am leavin' on a jet plane here in a short while to visit my mom in Arizona and wanted to do a quickie roundup before I head off. I've got lotsa packing and loose ends to tie up before I leave!

Lisa is talkin' bout conversion.

Susan Rose has recently met a bloggy buddy, 8-blocks from her place of work, has quit her job (not just yet) and is reflecting on suffering and how God strengthens us in times of suffering! (Great reflection).

Steph is talking about St. Benedict & celebrating his feast. School seems to be busy though, as usual. Steph's blog is looking awesome as usual.

Sr. Anne Joan, FSP, is back from Missouri and is celebrating the arrival of Sr. Susan here in Chicago. Now there will be four Daughters in Chicago! yippeeee.

Sr. Marriane Lorraine, FSP, is hanging out in Boston talking about the DaVinci code. I reccomend visiting her blog just to see this link. (Who do you believe? Dan Brown or Jesus?)

Sr. Bernadette, FSP, is still hanging out in Rome studying about the Pauline charism, taking in the beautiful sights (and taking lotsa pictures for us all) and celebrating Jubilee.

if you are reading this...Hi Sr. Bernadette. :)

(I just love the Daughters).... ;)

Nicole has not yet posted, but I can tell you that she is still in Alabama with the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word (via phone messages and text messages). Her flight was cancelled twice and......she is coming home with an application and will try to enter by July, God willing! So stop in and congratulate the little one if you have the time! She is really excited that she has found her home!

(I just love it when people take up their cross and follow Him)... ;)

Sr. Mary Alternative is baaaaack! She is a full time teacher and in grad school, so may not post as regularly as she did prior to January.

Natty is pondering organic foods and happy pills.

Lastly, I ask that you pray for me, as I venture off to Arizona. Also, I will be with the Daughters of St. Paul in Boston for a Holy Week discernment retreat. I am nervous, yet excited at the same time. :) Pray for me!

Everyone here is in my prayers as well! PEACE! ~Lauren

Monday, March 13, 2006

round and round we go

It’s my first round up under our group system! As you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been reading lately, Lauren, Natty, Sixtina & I have split up the weekly round up duties. Now it’s my turn to take a trip around the ring to see what’s up this week with our Sister Bloggers.

Well …. I took a giant leap of faith and quit my job today! There’s more to it than that, but you can go read for yourself.

Soul Seeker spent some time with her groovy sisters … who it turns out have been praying for her extra hard!

Sister Christer has a cool small world moment with a good friend looking at joining her community!

Sixtina is counting the days to her visit with the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word.

Lisa is stopping on her Lenten journey to check in and ask some questions.

Sr. Clare Joy has some questions too.

Talented Lauren shares a drawing inspired by the sorrowful mysteries.

And Anne has a new look and is getting her sillies out while she waits to meet with the vocation director!

That's all for now. Have a blessed 2nd week of Lent everyone!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Okay ladies,

After doing a nice long roundup, many haven't updated which makes less for me to read...LOL ~ just kidding!!!! We have many different things going around in the ring this week! Like some fun questionnaires, great Lenten reads, reflections and people venting things out through their blogs.

So who is doing what???

Sr. Julia tells us about this good book called Bread and Wine, which she reads every year for Lent. So if you need something to read, just ask Sister!!!!

Lauren wrote a nice reflection on her idol, Thomas Merton, with a nice drawing of him as well.

Cathy had a wonderful questionnaire that I think everyone in the ring should post and answer. "DO YOU WEAR A CROSS?" Not to get into my life, but I was explaining the importance of wearing a crucifix to my CCD class last night. They were shocked that I wear my cross 24-7!

Natty has a questionnaire that she stole from Seeking something. So I guess everyone should also do this one since we are all out of high school (to bring back those wonderful memories)!!!!

Susan rose is venting out her frustrations through her blog which to me seemed interesting but....then again...its up to you after you are done reading it! However, Susan isnt the only one frustrated with things, Sr. Mary Alternative is having a hard time from keeping herself from yelling at her students. Dont worry, I know how you feel, my CCD kids dont listen either!!!!

Thats it for those who updated. As for me, I'm leaving next thursday to visit the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word. So when I get back I will have day by day jounral entries for you all to read.

Have a WONDERFUL Lent!!!