Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This Week In Sister Blogger Land

Yes .... it's a roundup. Hope I didn't shock you with this infrequent event!!!

This week in Sister Blogger Land ...

Ann is working on going to mass more often - and going to bed earlier so she's up early enough!

Newest SisterBlogger Failte had a run in with a bat. Eeek!

Contemplative woman is musing about the horarium and a dear friend of the monastery who has passed away. (Fr. George was also one of my teachers during my intercommunity novitiate program - he will be missed!)

Sister Vicki and her community are holding a vigil with one of their sisters who is on her final journey.

Susan at Musings of a Discerning Woman (hey that's me!) just sent her letter requesting to profess temporary vows.

Sr. Anne shares a bit about St. Barnabas.

Sandy is pondering the millennial generation.

Sarah is getting into the groove of novitiate.

And Nicole is on retreat preparing for vows!!!

Lot's happening in SisterBlogger land - that's for sure!


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